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Please use the contact form for rates and prices for different types of shoots. No concept is too big or too small, I love to experiment and am always willing to try something new!

For photography nerds: I use Nikon cameras, and travel with enough backup equipment to survive the apocalypse. I am also a huge fan of my Sony NEX-5N, my favorite travel and documentary camera.

Outside of photography, I love my XBOX, world traveller, and voracious coffee drinker. We stopped using “culinary tourism” to describe our industry in 2012 because our research indicated that it gave a misleading impression. While “culinary” technically can be used for anything relating to food and drink and initially seemed to make good sense, the perception among the majority of English-speakers we interviewed is that the word “culinary” is elitist. Nothing could be further from the truth about what our industry and our Association are all about. So we introduced the term “traveler,” which is still the overarching term we use today. Azlimo.com sprinter van includes the full range of experiences, from food carts and street vendors, to the locals-only (gastro)pubs, dramatic wineries, or one-of-a-kind restaurants. There is something for everyone in the food tourism industry.